HVAC, BOILER CONTROLS and Building Management Systems.  We believe in the right controls system for the right application.  Often times as controls contractors we have a tendency to make things more complicated than necessary.  Simple, efficient and reliable controls are the way to go.  Once a system is installed and setup it should work forever.  Very little maintenance is required.  With that said most mechanical systems need some controls to make all the systems work together effectively and this is what we are good at. 


“If all of the Mechanical Systems trades/suppliers are the bricks then we are the mortar” Bob Mckercher.


Boiler systems, pumps, Exhaust fans, High Temp Loops, A/C, Air Handling Units, VAV systems, Low temp Loops, Cooling Towers, gas sensors, thermostats etc… often come from the factory with their own stand-alone controls system, sometimes they come with nothing.  We take all these systems and add the required interlocks to make everything work together.  We start with the most Critical systems and work our way down and if it doesn’t need additional controls then we just let it be.


From simple systems with 1 thermostat to Restaurants with Makeup Air (MUA) and Grease Hoods (Exhaust Fans) to complex buildings with multiple mechanical systems we can handle it all.