Bob started down his path to creating Gabriel Industries employed as the Office Manager of a small construction electrical company, later moving into sales with an electrical wholesaler and manufacturer. After achieving his C.E.T. designation, he was looking for more of a challenge. So, he took on a broader aspect of sales with Siemens Canada, working with them for a total of 11 years all the while refining his knowledge of the various products and applications of Fire Alarm systems, HVAC, and Electrical Distribution Equipment. In 2005, Bob founded Gabriel Industries Inc. with those three skill sets and the desire to interact with and assist his clients to make more informed choices. Incorporating in 2007, he has persevered to grow and guide the company and its employee’s through the demanding and ever challenging concepts of today’s project and environmental trends. Today, Bob acts as General Manager, Master Electrician, C.E.T. of Gabriel Industries Inc.

  • C.E.T Designation
  • Master Electrician
  • General Manager Gabriel Industries


Murray completed his Master Electrician certification in 2017. 

Prior to pursuing his diploma he was employed as a Design Technician with Colt Engineering.   He then joined a team of programmers to automate drilling rigs and various oilfield apparatus while completing his Electrical apprenticeship.  

Today, Murray takes care of Gabriel’s programming, manages project progress, and also responds to service calls.


  • Master Electrician
  • Electrical Engineering Tech