Motor Controls, VFD Installs and Startups, MCC's

VFD Installs

VFD’s are versitile, efficient and useful in many applications. When implemented, installed and setup correctly they can save time and money. Call us to see if a VFD is right for your 3 phase motor. We do installs, startups and consulations; new or retrofits. Trying to maintain a pressure, tempature, flow or speed? A VFD and a little controller can do wonders. The possibilities are endless.

Motor Controls

Motor controls are everywhere you look. From manual start/stop stations to complex interlocks, timers and Forward Reversing we can do it all.


MCC – In the past when building a Motor Control Center the only option was large sections made up of cubicles housing one Motor starter in each. Today there are options. We offer a unique compact MCC solution for new MCC installs and retrofits. All of the starters from conventional big bulky MCC’s can be put into one compact Electrical box. Everything within the box is touchsafe and can be locked out as you would before. All the disconnect, overload, overcurrent and motor protection is built into the starter with auxiliary contacts for Contactor status, Overload trip, and Over Current trip. Each starter can also be removed from the main bus and replaced in minutes if there is a problem.