Quick and Easy - 2 Hour Change

Is your EXETER XL System Controller not working or giving you issues?

Upgrade to our new FLEXETER Panel and make your
Water Sourced Heat Pump system work the way it should.

Very little down time!
Change outs are quick and typically only take 2 to 6 hours.

Standard straight across upgrades start at $5,000.00 Canadian

Call us for more details!

New Flexeter Controller
Exeter XL System Controller

New Flexeter Features

– 2 Heat Stages

– 4 Cooling Stages

– Easy to change set points via Touch screen

– Alarms, Flow, Pump status and read outs

– Optional Upgrades include analog control

If you have an old EXETER XL SYSTEM CONTROLLER panel controlling the heating and cooling for a water loop and it needs replacing then this is the panel for you.  In its day Exeter made an excellent WATER SOURCE HEAT PUMP SYSTEM CONTROLLER for buildings with heat pumps.  However they are not in business anymore.

We have come up with a new modern, easy to use control panel to meet your needs.  It includes 4 stages of cooling, 2 stages of heating, flow proving and lead/lag circulation pump control.  All settings are easily adjusted from the color touchscreen.  It is by far the best heat pump system controller.

We have designed the new panel enclosure to be exactly the same size. This means you do not need to remove the old enclosure (back box). Only the old components need to be stripped out and the new Flexeter components installed inside.

Expansion Packs:  Indoor Holding tank level controls for cooling towers, High Temp Loop/Boiler Reset controls and additional Lead/Lag flow proving controls.


Also excellant for new heat pump system installations.

Typical applications include.

  • Water Sourced Heat Pump System Controller
  • Geothermal Heat Pump System Controller
  • Cogeneration Integration – Co-gen
  • Closed Loop Water Sourced Heat Pump System

Good for buildings of all sizes and has complete customization to fit any sequence of operation.

Why you need a Flexeter?


This is why you need a Heat Pump System Controller for you Water Sourced Heat Pump system.

A building with a Water Sourced Heat Pump System has water flowing throughout the building loop.  This water flows through each individual heat pump and should be 10ºC to 40ºC upon returning to the mechanical room. 

When the individual heat pumps are providing heating or cooling to the space served, the opposite is happening to the water flowing through it.

Mechanical Operation

A Water Sourced Heat Pump System is made up of 3 parts. 

1 – FLOW

Circulation Pumps or System Pumps move the water throughout the building LOOP and through the individual heat pumps.

2 – Heating

Provides Heating to the system when required.

(Boilers, mixing valves etc…)

3 – Cooling

Provides cooling to the system when required

(Cooling tower, Chiller, Geo-Thermal Wells etc…)

All types of Individual Heat Pumps require some external heating or cooling when in operation.  In this case it uses circulated water.

Typically the water should be between 10ºC and 40ºC to be safe for each heat pump.  If the water is outside this range the heat pumps will lock them selves out on a fault and will need to be reset.

A Heat pump system loop is efficient only when operating properly.

When a Heat pump has a call for heat and is heating a space then it is actually cooling the water that is flowing through it.

When a Heat pump has a call for cooling and is cooling a space then it is actually heating the water flowing through it.

If half of the heat pumps within a common water system are heating and half are cooling then no external heating or cooling is required and the only energy being used is the electricity it takes to operate the heat pumps.

However if the majority of the heat pumps are cooling or heating the loop temperature will begin to rise or fall respectively.


In order to maintain a proper loop temperature and flow we must control the mechanical equipment connected to the loop.


        On the discharge side of the system pumps there will be a flow switch.  There are 2 system pumps in parallel with each other.  With 1 pump running the flow switch will close.  With the flow switch closed, all is well.  Not enough flow? then there is a problem.  Control system starts the backup pump and sounds an alarm.


        To make your system pumps last longer we keep only 1 pump running.  Usually we switch the pumps once per week or once per month.


        We provide 2 stages of digital cooling as well as floating point control and 0-10V analog modulating control.

        When the loop temp drops below setpoint (approx. 20ºC) we turn on the heat.

        If the temp drops too low then we sound an alarm.


        We offer 4 stages of digital cooling as well as floating point control and 0-10V analog modulating control.

        When the loop temp rises above the cooling setpoint (Approx. 30ºC) then we start cooling