Building Management Systems (Commercial HVAC and more)

We do full Building Management Systems including:

  • Boiler Controls

  • Hydronic Heating

  • Snow Melt

  • Cooling Towers

  • Water Reserve Level Controls

  • Corridor Pressurization

  • Heat Pump Controls

  • Solar Power

  • Solar Heating and more.

Typically all of this is controlled in a centralized control panel comprised of a touch screen and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).  The touch screen and PLC combination allows for almost unlimited expandability and customization for any BMS system no matter how unique.

We also offer the option of remote access for monitoring and troubleshooting as well as alarm notifications via email messaging.

Many buildings new and old have temperamental HVAC systems.  We can troubleshoot and fix virtually any HVAC or Hydronic system.  We deal with everything from Boiler systems to furnaces, heat pumps, RTU’s and A/C units, MUA units and Exhaust fans.  We’ll tune it up for you and make it run the way it is supposed to.

So often we see buildings that are just limping along with band-aid fixes over band-aid fixes.  Let us get down to the root of your buildings issues so that it will run smoothly and efficiently with less down time and annual maintenance costs.