Another Exeter to Flexeter Success!!

We recently provided a Flexeter Control Panel to a customer in Indianapolis.   Their Exeter to Flexeter retrofit went great.

They loved it.  It took them a little longer due to the “complexity” shown in the picture but now that its up and running they are very happy.

As you can see the wiring is all cleaned up and everything fits into one neat package.

One interesting thing they did was that they used the dry alarm contact to shutdown the heat pump system.  The original wiring allowed the building operator to lock out all the building heat pumps if there was a mechanical issue.  Loss of both circulating pumps, High and low temp alarms will shut down the heat pumps in the building.

We also added some custom programming that allow dual cooling tower pumps to lead/lag to equalize run time.  As you can see in the picture above this was accomplished with a separate module in the original Exeter system.  We now have it integrated into our main panel.


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